FCG Smart Transportation selected as the operator of transports under the Disability Services Act and the Social Welfare Act

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2020-03-09 11:21

FCG Smart Transportation Ltd has been selected as the transportation management operator for Western Uusimaa Transport Services. The operator will be responsible for the routing, booking and customer service of transports under the Disability Services Act and the Social Welfare Act in the municipalities in Western Uusimaa. This is a temporary contract. Transport Services will start operations in autumn 2020.

The annual number of transports in the area is approximately 500,000. The majority of the transports are transport services organised under the Disability Services Act and the Social Welfare Act to substitute for public transport.

“The selection of the operator was influenced by, among other things, the ease of use and high quality of the service. Clients were also involved in assessing the usability. Next, the clients can take part in developing the service in April, when the Transport Services client pilot begins. The pilot will test the operation of the new system,” says Pasi Ojaniemi, Project Manager at the City of Espoo.

“Naturally, we are happy that Espoo selected us as their transport operator. I’m particularly thankful for the top score we received for quality – everyone knows that Espoo wants to provide its residents with high-quality, modern services,” says Aki Keskinen, CEO of FCG Smart Transportation.

An internal startup of Finnish Consulting Group, FCG Smart Transportation Ltd concentrates on the development and implementation of the MaaS (Mobility as a Service) concept in municipalities and cities. With digitalisation, the optimisation of transports will become easier and more common compared to conventional transport services as regards taxi traffic, for instance. The optimisation of traffic also makes it possible to measure and reduce traffic emissions. 

For the client, the service is easy to use and safe. Clients can book transport services via a telephone service and an easy-to-use client application.

Additional information

Pasi Ojaniemi, Project Manager, City of Espoo
tel. +358 50 385 9086, pasi.ojaniemi@espoo.fi

Aki Keskinen, Chief Executive Officer, FCG Smart Transportation Ltd
tel. +358 44 355 7869, aki.keskinen@fcg.fi

Päivi Allenius, Chief Marketing and Communications Officer, FCG Group
tel. +358 40 753 7374, paivi.allenius@fcg.fi