Customers and drivers tested the Transport Services system

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2020-06-29 14:02

The Transport Services customer pilot was held between 8 and 17 June 2020. The pilot was used to test the making of transport requests, accepting requests, assessing the transport and car IDs for the Transport Services. A total of 93 requests were made and 87 journeys completed. 89% of the completed journeys were on time. Some combined transports with several customers in the same car for some of the journey were also included in the pilot phase. Sharing rides was voluntary during the pilot, as it will be in the eventual service.

“Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the pilot was shorter than anticipated. Regardless, we gained valuable insight and development ideas from both the point of view of customers and drivers. We would like to thank everyone who participated in the pilot," says Transport Manager Kari Vilppula from the logistics department of the City of Espoo. The system will be developed over the summer based on the pilot.  We will be focusing on the transport route view in the driver’s application and the order confirmation sent to the customer.

The cars used for transport organised by the Transport Services will be marked with Transport Services IDs on the windshield or the side of the vehicle. The IDs must always be used when the car is used for Transport Service rides. The IDs were also tested during the pilot phase. Both the drivers and customers were asked for feedback on the IDs. We will be ordering IDs that are best suited for the vehicles, based on the response.

The Transport Services will start operating in October 2020.